«Doing the impossible isn't such a big deal if you know where to start»
The Crow on the Bridge, Book 4 of the "Echo Chronicles" series»
Literary pseudonym
Or a charismatic book character?
-the protagonist of the Labyrinths of Echo and Max Fry's Echo Chronicles book series.
Sir Max - Max Fry - is also the hero of several other books, which indirectly overlap with each other
Under the pseudonym "Max Fry," a number of literary projects have been created, including a series of fiction bestsellers, a large series of essays on literature and art, a popular dictionary reference book, "The ABC of Modern Art," and thematic literary anthologies.
The authors
Initially, the names of the real authors were not advertised
The book series was written by Svetlana Martynchik in co-authorship with Igor Stepin and published under the pseudonym "Max Fry.
The authors maintained a certain anonymity, not revealing their pseudonyms and not appearing in public exactly as authors of novels (at the same time they were known as artists).
Disclosure of pseudonym
On the recording of the TV show "Night Shift" Dmitry Dibrov mentions Svetlana's real name and that she is the real author of the "cult writer" Max Fry's books.

At the same time, Maxim Kryutchenko, director of Azbuka Publishing House, is trying to register "Max Fry" as a trademark of his publishing house.
The result was a scandal!
And Max Fry stopped cooperating with Azbuka and switched to cooperating with Amfora Publishers.
Cooperation with Amfora Publishing House
Max Fry's collaboration with Amfora Publishers, which began in 2001, turned out to be very fruitful: in addition to publishing books about Sir Max and other fantasy novels, the joint project "Fram" was launched, the name of which was formed from the words "Fry" and "Amfora".
The project lasted ten years.
At present, Svetlana Martynchik writes under the pen name "Max Fry," without a co-author.
Cooperation with AST Publishing House
Since 2014, Max Fry's books, as well as collections of short stories compiled by him, have been published by AST.
Max is a key character in Max Fry's work. Several book series are narrated on his behalf.

The first-person books tell about the adventures of an ordinary, at first glance, young man in other worlds.
The plot of the series "Labyrinths of Echo" and "Echo Chronicles" is based on the adventures of Sir Max, mostly in the city of Echo, where he serves in the Little Secret Investigative Force, an organization dedicated to controlling the use of magic and combating the crimes committed with its help.

It is later revealed that he is in fact a very ancient creature who, trying to find a way to cheat death, has found a radical solution-it has become an obsession and allowed him to make himself up over and over again.
Specifically, he, along with his life in our world, was invented by Sir Juffin, or rather, Max allowed himself to be invented.
The main character is both the author of the books (as explained in Quiet City, it took the hero to shift the burden of keeping the world of Echo on the shoulders of the Rulers of our world) - it is also the pseudonym of the fictional author Sir Max.
Sir Max is the so-called Verifier, which means that all his wishes come true with one caveat: "sooner or later, one way or another.
about the character
"Labyrinths of Echo"
The first group is the Labyrinths of Echo series, which you should start with, and which is best read in order.
"The Echo Chronicles"
The second group is "The Echo Chronicles," a sequel to "Labyrinths," a recent story.
2 separate books
The third group includes two books detached from the main cycle, having separate storylines, and not connected to the cycle about Exo by anything except the main character.
"The Encyclopedia of Myths", in two volumes
The fourth group consists of only two books, it is the Encyclopedia of Myths in two volumes.
Fry is best known for his series of books about Exo.

During the periods of the greatest popularity of the Sir Max books (1996-2010) the character gained a large army of fans.
The fan community in the social network vkontakte has more than 100,000 subscribers and is active to this day.

Fans regularly organize meetings and cosplays based on the books.
In 2015, fans of the Sir Max books organized a team to create a board game based on the works. The developers took Arkham Horror as the basis for the game, and began to come up with content and new mechanics. The process went on for several years.
They told about the development in their group, where you could also sign up for the playtest.

At the end of January 2020, the team announced that they had received the first printed copy -with some hundreds of cards.
But the writer accused the creators of the game of "parasitizing someone else," "polluting" and "degradation of meaning.
All books by Max Fry fans appreciate not only for the interesting plot and humor, but also for the quotes that fit almost any life situation
"Everyone is where he is, and has those external circumstances which he has.
All claims are to themselves."
"You always get what you want, sooner or later, one way or another."
The Book of Solitudes
Quiet City
"The recipe for eternal youth: you just have to make sure that none of the days of your life are like any other."
"Most people are born in a place that doesn't suit them at all. Destiny, for some reason, loves that kind of joke.
"Fear is a normal human emotion...Perhaps the most normal and the most human."
Volunteers of Eternity
Menin's Labyrinth
"Everything already sucks so badly that it can't get any worse. Therefore, it can only get better."
The Dark Side
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